Lidia - Day 31 - Saturday, December 28, 2019


  • Rehab
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech
  • Eating


  • Speech Therapy - 9:00 am (45 min)
  • Occupational Therapy - 11:15 am (45 min)
  • Speech Therapy - 1:00 pm (45 min)
  • Physical Therapy - 1:45 pm (45 min)

Physical Therapy

Today, during physical therapy, I was Lidia's wingman.  Since it was a Saturday, the therapy staff was a little sparse.  So, everything that took two people, I was able to participate.  We had some walking exercises, where Lidia would walk through two rooms and out into the hall.  She would balance while I ran back to get her wheelchair.  We did this 3 times.  I got my work out along with Lidia today.

We worked on the Total Gym as well today.  Lidia was pushing with her leg on command.  It was exciting to see.  She's never done so well.


I think speech therapy is working.  Today Lidia has spoken in more complete sentences than she has in the past 31 days.  It's exciting to see her work on getting things back to normal.


Lidia is definitely getting her appetite back.  She's eating her full three meals a day.


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