Lidia - Day 46 - Sunday, January 12, 2020


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Last Friday, our speech therapist said that it was time for Lidia to start reading.  So, I picked a book from Kaeto's library called My World by Roger Priddy.  We spent about a half-hour reading.  I could tell that Lidia would get frustrated sometimes pronouncing the words.  It helped that the pictures had the text underneath.  When she gets better at reading, I'm going to cover the words and have her tell me what the picture is.  It a way of linking things to words.

Lidia reading the book My World by Roger Priddy



William Barrus

Lo love that grin. She's just saying you are crazy.

William Barrus

Is she reading at or above grade level?

Marcellus Barrus

She can read just fine in her head. What we struggle with is getting words translated to speech. So, we are reading out loud.

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