Lidia - Day 72 - Friday, February 7, 2020


  • Reading
  • Physical Therapy


We've been told by our speech therapist to get Lidia reading.  The point of this is to connect words in her mind with words coming out of her mouth.  And one work opens up links to a number of additional words and so on.  For example, the work kite is linked to fly or flying, string and wind.  Fly or flying is linked to an airplane, superman, or the insect, fly.  An airplane is linked to the airport, travel, suitcases, etc.  You get the point.  The more words she knows, the more links she can make to other words.

Physical Therapy

Today was momentous at physical therapy.  This was our first time doing physical therapy outside the home, not including the hospital.  It was an evaluation day since it was our first visit, but we were also able to walk.  Today Lidia, with some coaching, was able to move her leg and walk with the brace all on her own.  Our therapist said that even though she can walk with the brace, it also limits her movement and muscle control in her leg.  It is our goal to walk without the upper thigh portion of the brace by the end of the month.


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