Lidia - Day 75 - Monday, February 10, 2020


  • Sleep
  • Mood


We are experimenting with some medication.  It's ok, the doctor said we could. Anyway, we took out of the daily routine a medication called melatonin.  I had never heard of it before this has happened, but, from what I understand, it is a stimulant.  This is day three of not taking it and I think it is not having the desired effect that we want.  We are going to try for one more day to see if her sleeping today was a fluke or if taking her off the medication is affecting her alertness.

She is also on Triazidone, which puts a person asleep.  Logically, if we take away the sleeping pill at night, it would not be necessary to take a stimulant in the morning.  We might have to experiment with that as well.  We'll see how it goes.


Because of Lidia being sleepy all day, I would say that her mood was a six.  She doesn't feel sick.  She just isn't as active as she normally is.

Lidia's mood today is a six.


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