Lidia - Day 76 - Tuesday, February 11, 2020


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Strangers Doing Good

Just a little story of something that happened today. 

We had an appointment today for our quarterly pest control service today provided by Thorne Pest Control.  A gentleman showed up and explained what he was going to do as part of the service.  During his stay, he notices Lidia in her wheelchair and starts talking to us.  We find out that this gentleman is from Queens, New York where Lidia is from.  They speak a little Spanish with each other and he moves on to the basement where Katherine is.

He starts talking to Katherine and doesn't mean to pry but asks what happened to Lidia.  Katherine tells him her story.

He finished his job and leaves.  About fifteen minutes later I see the same Thorne Pest Control guy drive up and park in front of our house.  He comes up to the door and tells me that he is taking care of the bill for the service that he provided.


Mary Beltram came to visit today.  It was good seeing her.  She brought Teryaki Jerky. It was delicious.


With the visitors we had and the small activities of getting to the toilet and back, it turned out to be a decent day.

Lidia's mood today was a 7



Tami Leonard

So good to hear!! I have text Lidia's number a few times to see if I could visit but never heard back. Please let me know when I could. ~Tami

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